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How Side sleeping and Shoulder pain correlate?

There are many characteristics of each person that determine the ideal mattress for each of us. Habitual position taken in sleep, weight and stature are the starting point for establishing the most appropriate degree of support. First of all, the mattress should be ergonomic, and then adapt to the structure and shape of the body of the user. Clicking on this link will guide you in a better way, 


It is important to choose a mattress that is not too rigid or too soft. In fact, if the mattress is too rigid, it does not allow a correct distribution of body weight, exerting too much pressure on the support points.

Why side sleeping and shoulder pain occurs?

When you go to sleep it is also important to consider the stature of those who buy the mattress, in order to choose a mattress of the right size to allow the entire body to fully relax without having to stay “crouched”, and thus rest better and guaranteeing a better sleep. Stay with your legs bent for a long time while you sleep, perhaps due to lack of space or, it is not recommended for those who want to rest in the best way, as blocking the free movement of the body during sleep hinders its natural propensity to move. To avoid high back or shoulder pain, best mattress for side sleepers with shoulder pain is recommended.

Who often moves in his sleep?

For those who have a restless sleep it is advisable to use mattresses such as pocket springs or latex mattresses. The pocket-spring mattresses, in fact, thanks to independent springs that react to the pressure of the body independently of the other springs next, make that the movement does not spread throughout the mattress.

Latex mattresses, however, also recommended for those who have agitated sleep, thanks to their ability to immediately recover the shape after a pressure are indicated for those who often moves during the night, and then recommended for those who have a restless sleep.

Double mattresses and comfort of both partners

It is important to keep a wedding at its best, to rest every day in an optimal way, to get up full of energy and to prevent one of the spouses or partners from disturbing each other during sleep. For heavier people it needs a more rigid support, while the more slender a softer mattress.